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A transparent, digital marketplace

for the Islamic Finance industry

iWAVE helps banks to easily execute trades with both their interbank counterparts and corporate & retail clients, whilst adding value across the entire transaction lifecycle; from documentation negotiation & KYC through to post trade management.


All Islamic deposit and financing products can be transacted in realtime, through one secure, shared platform.

Price transparency, simplified processes, Sharia' compliance.

iWAVE is powered by Synergies Digital Platform.




is made up of three distinct modules which can be used independently, or together for the most benefit

Master Documentation & KYC

Allows users to negotiate and execute the master agreements which govern the underlying transactions conducted between counterparts. KYC information can be uploaded and stored on the platform to be shared with counterparts or kept confidential.

Trade Execution

Creates a marketplace allowing users (including banks, corporate clients and retail clients) to negotiate and execute multi-currency deposit and financing transactions with their counterparts, across a range of Islamic finance products.

Post Trade Management

Allows users to easily monitor each stage of the transaction lifecycle from execution through to settlement. Counterparts can efficiently exchange the relevant trade documents electronically in order to fully conclude a transaction.


iWAVE brings a host of benefits to both users and the industry as a whole: 


  • Potential for increased profitability – access to all market participants in one place delivers a more effective and transparent price discovery mechanism 


  • Reduced costs – simplified, automated processes diminish the internal costs institutions accumulate


  • Reduced market risk – price transparency and speed of processing support a significant reduction in market risk


  • Reduced operational risk – a seamless exchange of information through one central platform ensures no duplication of data and a decrease in errors


  • Sharia’ compliance – a full audit trail, including dates and time stamps, of the complete transaction lifecycle and all associated workflows is built-in


  • Security – a secure, web-based platform with built-in backup and redundancy measures



Easy. Fast. Secure.

iWAVE is powered by Synergies Digital Platform, developed in partnership with LYST Technologies.

iWAVE delivers a load-balanced solution to ensure reliability and availability, and is hosted using the enterprise grade cloud computing service Microsoft Azure.


iWAVE is fully compliant with Sharia' and accounting standards.


LYST Technologies is a leading developer of innovative financial technology, delivering core banking and digital solutions in the Islamic finance market to its global client base (www.lyst-tech.com).


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