iWAVE is an innovative, market-wide, fintech solution, focused on improving and simplifying the asset & liability management process (the conducting of deposit and financing transactions) across the Islamic finance industry.

iWAVE provides access to all market participants (be they banks or clients) via one central, secure, digital platform, delivering true price transparency to the end customer.

All Islamic deposit and financing products can be transacted in real-time, without compromising on Sharia compliance.

iWAVE unifies processes across the entire transaction lifecycle, creating efficiency in all areas: agreement negotiation, KYC management, trade execution and post trade processing.


iWAVE brings a host of benefits to both users and the industry as a whole


iWAVE has three core modules: Master Documentation & KYC Management, Trade Execution and Post Trade Management, which may be used independently, or together to derive the most benefit.

Master Documentation & KYC Management
Trade Execution
Post Trade


Fast - Easy - Secure

iWAVE delivers a load-balanced solution to ensure reliability and availability, and is hosted using the enterprise grade cloud computing service Microsoft Azure.

iWAVE is fully compliant with Sharia' and accounting standards.

iWAVE is powered by Synergies Digital Platform, developed in partnership with LYST Technologies.

LYST Technologies is a leading developer of innovative financial technology, delivering core banking and digital solutions to its global client base in the Islamic finance market (www.lyst-tech.com).

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